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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Giants Choke Against the Seahawks 24-21

Division east leader NY Giants faced the NFC leader Seatle Seahawks in a battle of the NFC's best teams. The New York Giants orchestrated a 4th quarter drive for a touchdown and a two point conversion to tie up the game with under two minutes left. Seatle got the ball, went three and out, then punted away to the Giants with less than a minute left in regulation. The Giants then made a few spectacular plays and took the ball within field goal range calling a timeout with 4 seconds left. One of the leagues top kickers in Jay Feeley came onto the field and missed. The Giants then lost the coin toss in overtime and managed to get the ball back within field goal range only to have Feeley come up shy. Just when you thought the Giants were running out of chances they once again got the ball within 48 yards for a field goal that landed just shy of the goal post. Seatle then got themselves within field goal range and scored on their first attempt. In this gut wrenching loss to the Seahawks Giants had 490 yards compared to Seatle's 355, 8 more first downs and one more takeaway. The Seahawks were dominated in all aspects of the game except the Giants' 16 penalties and the final score. Giants still are tied for the lead in the NFC East at 7-4. They face their division co-leaders the Dallas Cowboys next Sunday at Giants Stadium. Big Game, they lost the first match up in Dallas!

Check out this full coverage, heartbreaker for the Giants.


Blogger Greg Mannering said...

Even with a win against Dallas today I just do not seem this team going anywhere in the playoffs this year. They have been the most inconsistent team of all the top rated teams in the NFC. With Seattle, Carolina, and dare I say it, da Bears in the NFC I do not see the Giants winning it this year. But all I have to say is "Anybody but the Eagles!" So I will thank them for kicking the Eagles out of the playoffs (most likely).

8:42 PM  
Blogger Eric Mollo said...

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7:23 PM  
Blogger Eric Mollo said...

Having grown up approximately forty minutes from the stadium, and my grandfather having season tickets, I am quite the seasoned fan. Of all the losses the Giants have racked up over the years, this was in the top two. I would say our loss to the 49ers a few years ago (the one with two botched snaps in the final minute)was worse only because the game was more significant to their season. The Giants will still make the playoffs, and we know we can beat Seatle. Bring it on Carolina and Chicago!

7:25 PM  

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